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About Us

Alessi Holsters


Little Bit About Us and Our Journey.

Alessi Holsters was founded in 1974 by Lou Alessi who believed in producing one hand-crafted gun holster at a time and who refused to compromise on materials or the process. Because of the attention to detail and superior quality, Alessi Holsters became world renown.

While the shop has changed hands since Lou’s passing in 2009, we are still passionate about
making the best, high-quality gun holsters. Tom Kulwicki learned the art of crafting holsters
directly from Lou himself and passed that knowledge onto his daughter Katie and son-in-law,
Keith Roosa, who took over the shop in 2018 after Tom’s death. Katie had been working with
her Dad since 2009, and Keith since 2012.

We are still a small, family-run shop that follows Lou Alessi’s process and we are proud to carryon the legacy that he started over 40 years ago.
To learn a little bit more about how we make each holster, read about the Holster Making
Process. Learn More 


Our Journey