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You’ll never know it’s there
Until you need it!

Alessi Holsters was founded in 1974, with the original concept of producing one concealment holster at a time that would be designed and crafted to the customer’s specifications. Since that time, and after many thousands of holsters were hand crafted for individuals throughout the world, we have put together what we consider to be the best of the breed; the designs most often requested. Although we continue to offer custom work, we have refined many of our specialized designs into a “state of the art” offering of handmade production holsters.

We do not manufacture hundreds of holsters per week, therefore we refuse to compromise on any step in the manufacturing process for the sake of speed or cost cutting, which would result in an inferior product.

Only the finest leather obtainable is used for an Alessi Holster. To use anything less than the highest quality materials would be a waste of our labor. All stitching is performed with heavy bonded and lubricated nylon thread; double stitched at all stress points. The unique designs we manufacture require intensive manual labor and attention to detail. We do not feel that our customers deserve anything less.

Until now, the holsters pictured on the following pages were only available through a very limited number of channels. The fulfilling of several U.S. Government and foreign military contracts has in the past hindered our ability to supply our major domestic market, including undercover police officers, security personnel, and many other professionals who carry a weapon as a matter of daily routine.

We do not produce “gimmick” holsters. Our designs are extensively tested by professionals, working out in the field before being offered. Those designs that did not pass the tests will not be found here just to fill up space.

Incorporating the latest improvements in design and function, many of the improvements are subtle, many dramatic, but ALL have been derived from the growing need for protection by not only today’s professionals, but anyone- as no one should have to stake his or her life on anything but the best.  

If you have any further questions about us, or any of our products, please feel free to contact us via email at: Sales@Alessigunholsters.com, or via telephone at our shop (716) 525-1750. We always enjoy getting the chance to chat with our customers!



 Pictured above: Tom Kulwicki (President and Owner) stands in the reception area of the shop.


(Company officers from left to right) Katie Kulwicki (Vice President), Tom Kulwicki and Keith Roosa (Secretary, Shop Manager) at Tom's workbench