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Alessi Holsters Bodyguard Holster - AUTO-ORDNANCE GUNS

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The Bodyguard holster is made from 100% top grain russet leather. The Bodyguard is the most comfortable, concealable shoulder rig in production today. Nothing but the finest materials is used in its construction. The rig comes with a provision for spare ammo.

When adjusted properly, this rig can be worn for exceptionally long periods without any discomfort. The harness does not utilize any nylon or elastic which can be uncomfortable after extended periods of wear.

The holster is positioned semi-horizontally (butt down in the hollow of the body) for a fast natural draw. The unique ‘Speed Break’ system is foolproof and fast. Some of the holsters will be made with a thumb break, due to the nature of the weapon. Glock and Sig Sauer for example will have a thumb break, as well as those with out external safeties. On the opposite side of the weapon is a dump pouch or speed loader pouch.

Manufactured by Alessi Holsters
Each Holster is Hand Made in the U.S.A