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Alessi Holsters Bodyguard Holster - KIMBER GUNS

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The Bodyguard is the most comfortable, concealable shoulder rig in production today. Nothing but the finest materials is used in its construction. The rig comes with a provision for spare ammo. The harness is made of high quality chrome tan leather, while the holster itself is made of black angus steer hide, as with all other Alessi Holsters.

When adjusted properly, this rig can be worn for exceptionally long periods without any discomfort. The harness does not utilize any nylon or elastic which can be uncomfortable after extended periods of wear.

The holster is positioned horizontally (butt down in the hollow of the body) for a fast natural draw. The unique ‘Speed Break’ system is foolproof and fast. Some of the holsters will be made with a thumb break, due to the nature of the weapon. For example, Glock and Sig Sauer will have a thumb break, as well as those without external safeties. On the opposite side of the weapon is a magazine pouch, or speedloader/dump pouch.

Manufactured by Alessi Holsters
Each holster is hand made in the U.S.A

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    Bodyguard Holster

    Posted by Andy L. ( Tuesday , July 2, 2014 on 4th Jul 2014

    I just received my Bodyguard Shoulder Holster for the Kimber 911 . I am very pleased with the perfect fit ,workmanship and quality absolutely first class. Thank you so much for the personal and professional service for my order. I plan to order another holster in the future. Thank you very much.
    Andy L. ( Tuesday , July 2, 2014

  • 5
    Great comfortable, concealable holster

    Posted by JW Ritter on 27th Dec 2013

    If you're obligated to carry a full sized handgun and belt-carry options aren't practical, I think this is a great holster. I definitely agree with all the good press Alessi gets--this is a top of the line holster that is both beautifully made and rugged enough to last. The leather is beautiful to look at, and well molded to the gun, with proper channels for the thumb safety and sights. The pull-through retention system holds the gun securely, and is easy to draw from. I bought this particular model for personal use with a 1911, but I'm very happy with it and I'm considering a second as a duty rig with a Beretta 92 for times when a shoulder holster is appropriate. The only negative comment I've got toward the holster itself is that I think the harness is built a little on the large side. I'm not a small guy (6'2'', wear a size 42 jacket) and I've got mine on the smallest or next to smallest adjustments all around. Of course, if you're a larger framed person, this would be perfect for you, but for averaged sized men and most all women expect to be on the smallest adjustments. That said, the screw and rivet system is easy to use, and I had it sized up in less than 10 minutes--the excess leather tucks comfortably under the main straps, but I might consider trimming it off eventually.

    As for actual carry, the Bodyguard lets me comfortably carry a full size, all steel 1911 with 2x 8 rd mags in the pouches with no discomfort, and it conceals fine under a light jacket or fleece. The Bodyguard system would be fine for wear under a suit jacket or blazer, as well, but for me a 1911 is just too big to hide under that type of garment and maintain a "normal" fit. I spend a lot of time in a car, and the Bodyguard is all-day comfortable and easy to draw from a seated position. The material around the main harness is supple and wide enough that the weight of the gun doesn't bother my shoulders at all, even if I'm wearing it over a t-shirt. I don't find the off-side tie down feature necessary, and it's easily removable, but I know some like it. The mag pouches themselves fit standard GI 7 rd mags, and Kimber Kim-Pro 8 rd or Wilson 47ds with the base pads removed. I couldn't get them to snap closed with the rubber base-pads installed, or with a couple of Mec-Gar 8rd mags I had in my range bag. I personally don't care for bulky base-pads for concealed carry, so it's not a factor for me, but something to be aware of. Of course, you could probably call Alessi and ask them to build your rig to fit your preferred magazine style--I didn't specifiy and I'm happy with what I got.

    One other potential "negative" to be aware of is these holsters can take awhile to ship. I ordered mine 1 August and it arrived 22 December. That said, when I called Alessi they were very apologetic, and let me add a second holster (Fieldmaster model I use for hunting) to my order without losing my place in line. I personally have no problem waiting for quality, and I think the benefits of a hand made rig justify the wait.

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    Shoulder holster

    Posted by Linda Lynch on 18th Jul 2013

    It is very comfortable and very well made. It fits good and holds the gun perfectly. Due to the current situation I had to wait 6 months but it was worth the wait. Thanks Tom and everyone at Alessi Holster.