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Our Process

Our Process 

Unlike big companies and factories that focus on quantity over quality, we at Alessi Gun Holsters, still do things the old-fashioned way.  In the tradition of Lou Alessi, all of our holsters are still hand-crafted. Through years of practice, we have mastered the art form of holster making; we have hands on your holster from start to finish and work with each piece of leather uniquely to create a beautiful and functional holster.

Our holsters take a little more time than some companies, but it’s because we are meticulous with the details.  Each holster goes through a long process and if there is a flaw at any stage, we cut it up and start again...we will not send you anything but well-crafted, thoroughly tested, high-quality holsters.

To give you an idea of what is happening to your holster while you are eagerly awaiting its arrival, take a look at the major steps in the process of holster making. (There are dozens more tiny steps throughout each stage, but this will give you a good idea of the care we put into your holster).

  1. When you place your order online or in person, it gets printed and brought to the floor to wait its turn to be created.  We are a subcontractor for our government, and sometimes those orders must get “bumped” to the front of the line, which we are happy to do to support our country’s finest.  Aside from that orders are made in the order they are received.
  2. Once it’s your order’s turn, we start by cutting an outline from the leather hide.  We still use only American products including the highest quality black angus steer hide.  We don’t cut corners to save money, we know that your holster needs to be perfect, and we think the extra cost of high-quality products is worth it. Each holster we make is designed to fit only one gun model so we have hundreds of templates.  This means we don’t have pre-cut leather laying around, the leather we use for your holster is cut specifically for your gun.

  1. Next, we dip and dye your leather.  Again, we don’t cut corners by buying lower-quality pre-dyed leather...only the best for your holster.

  2. Now your leather is ready to be trimmed and lined.  We do this all by hand just like Lou Alessi taught us.

  3. Your holster is starting to come together during the intermediate stitching phase.  Our stitchers know exactly where to place the stitches based on the feel of the leather.  Stitch patterns are added next. This is both functional and beautiful.

  4. The edges of your holster are sanded and waxed to smooth out any roughness.  Again our team has perfected this art form as they are able to make tiny adjustments based on the leather and shape of your holster.

  5. The edges of your holster are sanded and waxed one more time to ensure a smooth finish.

  6. Next, the hardware is added to your holster.  No matter what style of holster, all of our hardware is American-made.

  7. Your holster really comes to life on the molding table where it is fitted with an aluminum mold of your gun.  Here we add lines based on the exact model of gun. This labor-intensive step is done completely by hand and takes quite a bit of strength.  

  8. Finally, your holster is oven dried for 12 hours, sprayed to seal the fibers and oven dried again.  

  9. Of course, we put each holster through quality assurance testing before we ship it out to you.