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Alessi Testimonials

In the Industry

I've been on the road for most of [October].  Just got back to [Colorado] today!  I am in receipt of your wonderful ankle-holster for my PM45 and a beautiful new gunbelt.  Thanks so much!  Your stuff is second to none!  I'm wearing it now.  See you in Las Vegas.  Thanks again.
John Farnam, DTI


 I received the Ankle Holster today. What splendid craftsmanship!

James Yeager, Tactical Response



October 2017

From our Patrons
As always....Great Holster!

Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Glock Guns Posted By: N/A
Bought my first Alessi ankle holster in 2002.  Just purchased my second one in 2017 for a Glock 27.  I would argue the craftsmanship has gotten even better since my first Alessi holster. Can't wait to break it in fully.  The securing strap and snugness of the weapon in the holster makes this an excellent choice.  I absolutely love this product.  No, I am not pleased with the wait time (3 months) but damn, what a fine, beautiful holster.  No doubt, worth the wait.
Craftsmanship at its best

Product: Alessi Holsters Deep Cover Holster for Smith & Wesson Guns Posted By: CC

I had to wait a long time for my order to arrive.  The company called me with questions when they were ready to put it together.  This was very beneficial as the holster arrived in beautiful condition and fit my weapon like a glove.  I can tell that this is high quality and built with love.  It is perfectly functional and beautiful to look upon.  I bought this for myself, but it would be a wonderful gift to anyone who appreciates fine workmanship.  Just order it well in advance, because anything this beautifully made will take time.  3+ months.
Aug 2017
Worth every penny and the wait

Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Smith & Wesson Guns
Posted By: Mark White
I'm a machinist, a quality nut. This is true old world craftsmanship in the best possible sense. The felt lining is surprisingly comfortable. It is all day comfortable to wear, and supremely secure around your leg. Prints far less than other budget type holsters I've had of this type. My new favorite holster. If you're serious about CCW, a quality holster makes the difference in comfort to carry and security, and will keep you ready for anything.
Aug 2017
Great leatherwork

Product: Alessi Holsters CQC Holster for Glock Guns
Posted By: Bill Graham

I've used Alessi holster, belts, mag holders and cuff holders everyday for twenty plus years. The products are second to none. One small problem. Don't be in a hurry. Business is so good you are going to have to wait to get your leather. Ordered a holster in October and just got it at the end of July. Worth the wait but I wish they updated me on my order status.

Alessi, Black Holster belt, size 38 with silver buckle.

Product: Alessi Holsters Regular Leather Belt
Posted By: Gene Overacker
As in all the Alessi products I have, the belt is again done with Super quality

It looks great and fits the Holsters perfectly. Thank You for your Superb Quality Products. Will be ordering again soon.
Best J Frame holster on the market  May 2017

Product: Alessi Holsters Deep Cover Holster for Smith & Wesson Guns
Posted By: J Briggs

I have been carrying a S&W 342PD lightweight for years in the Deep Cover. It is very versatile in that I can carry it w jeans and a belt over, or I can wear it with my outdoor polyester shorts w/o a belt at all. The Nylaclip is an outstanding design as it will securely hold on to virtually any waistband design even w/o a belt! It is my go to when walking the dog or going to the gym in lightweight shorts.It just disappears


Bodyguard shoulder holster

Product: Alessi Holsters Bodyguard Holster - GLOCK GUNS
Posted By: Mike F

MAY 11, 2017

It was well worth the wait.

Great fit for my Glock 19
Well made
Very comfortable

Next time I need a holster I will buy from Alessi.
Get what you pay for

Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Glock Guns
Posted By: N/A
Although there is an extremely long wait time(I waited 9 months), my holster arrived and it appears to be well worth the wait. It is clear that a lot of time and energy went into making my holster. Great product. Buy once, cry once. Should be set for life of my gun.
Be patient it's worth the wait!!!

Product: Alessi Holsters CQC-S Holster for Sig Sauer Guns
Posted By: Bill Glenn

May 2017

More than satisfied with the quality of this holster. Decided to treat myself to the Alessi handmade craftsmanship, as I have wanted one for years, I shouldn't have waited so long,. It's not only very well designed, but pleasing to the eye. Functionally, it fits the SIG pistols it was made for perfectly, and was comfortable the first time I wore it. Proud to show it off to close friends. Planning to order an Alessi shoulder rig for my J-frame for my birthday. Very affordable.


Superior Craftsmanship

Product: Alessi Holsters Bodyguard Holster - GLOCK GUNS
Posted By: James
Fit was perfect , Glock rides just where I want it. Very comfortable. Well worth the price and wait time. Well crafted and constructed.
Worth the wait!

Product: Alessi Holsters CQC-S Holster for Smith & Wesson Guns
Posted By:
I just received my second holster from Alessi for a different handgun. I am as amazed at the quality and attention to detail in this holster as I was with my first order. I love the mahogany dye of the leather. To me its definitely worth the extra cost. I waited for quiet while for my order to arrive, but couldn't be happier with a holster that will last me a life time of concealed carry.

I am considering getting a duty holster for plain clothes work now for my G17.

Product: Alessi Holsters Talon Plus Holster for Glock Guns 
Posted By: Sal Mistretta

Let me start by saying that I have bought about 7 different holsters since getting my conceal carry permit and every one of these holsters have been a disappointment. I was skeptical about this one also until I recieved it. The most comfortable holster by far that I own. I compared the stitching to another IWB that I own and it's not even close. This is a well made holster that I know will last a lifetime!! Don't expect to receive it in 2 days like some of these Amazon prime holsters that I have bought- be patient and it will be the last holster you ever buy, until you get a new gun of course!!! Thanks for a great product!
Why did I wait so long? 
Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Smith & Wesson Guns 
Posted By: Fred G
Due to my work, an ankle holster is the only option for me. When my Galco ankle glove started wearing out I decided to kick it up a notch. Well...I kicked it up quite a bit more than that. 
This holster is comfortable right out of the shoot yet very sturdy. The thick felt backing is much more practical than sheep skin and looks like it will hold up far better. I believe if the Velcro wears out it can be sent back for replacement. 
BTW all Velcro is not created equal. Alessi has picked the perfect Velcro for this application. Heavy duty yet soft. 
I was a little concerned that this model doesn't have a thumb retention strap but figured they knew what they were doing. I was right, it's not needed due to the hand boning fit. 
This may very well be the last ankle holster I'll ever need. Very pleased indeed. 
Alessi G43 ankle holster 

Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Glock Guns 
Posted By: Andy Reardon

Sept 2016

While the wait was longer than I would have liked (4 months), it was well worth it. Hands down the most comfortable holster I own. I wear it every day at work, and sometimes forget that I am wearing it. Great craftsmanship, great product. Thanks!!! 
The Elite Customize and Source From the Best 

Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Glock Guns 
Posted By: Michael

Sept 2016

I heard from many that Alessi made the best, as far as I can tell with the ankle holster for my G43, it is the best. I think it's a half inch of felt cushioning, only russet grain leather, elegant feel, designed with a human feel for ergonomics. 

 I can see how long such a detailed process can take appreciating my holster. 

I would like to chat with you guys sometime, don't know where to start. I'll be in touch, thank y'all for being accessible. 
Very well made... 

Product: Alessi Holsters Ankle Holster for Glock Guns 
Posted By: Jerry Lytle
I bought this for my Glock 27 back up weapon. It's so comfortable to wear I forget I have it on!!! I needed to have the velcro strap lengthened and the turn around was great. Will be getting another one for an off duty carry. 
Alessi Ankle Holster for Glock 43 

Product: Alessi HolstersAnkle Holster for Glock Guns 
Posted By: Will 
Sept 2016

I've been wearing my Alessi ankle holster with Glock 43 for a week, now. It is very well made, free of manufacturing / design defects, comfortable and the gun retention / draw is perfect. Based on my experience with this holster today, I expect many years of service from this holster. 
Best holster I have ever owned. 

Product: Alessi Holsters DOJ Open Port Holster for Heckler & Koch Guns 
Posted By: Ed
I teach CCW classes in California and I have used or tried a lot of different holsters. I have never had such a comfortable well built holster in my life and I'm 58 yrs. old. The breakin period is less than a week and the holster fits my HK uspc 45 like a glove. Alessi holsters are well worth the price and the wait. There is no better at any price. 
Get custom-made for the best fit and concealment 

Product: Alessi Holsters Talon Plus Holster for Heckler & Koch Guns 
Posted By: Justin
This holster is unparalleled. From the remarkable craftsmanship to its easy concealment in any manner of trousers or shorts, Alessi has a proven winner with the Talon 2. 

This is my second holster purchase from Alessi, and I'm confident I'll never go anywhere else. 
Product: Alessi Holsters Bodyguard Holster - CZ USA GUNS 
Posted By: Anthony
Got this recently and all I can say is WOW. Can't even tell I'm wearing it! Lou Alessi would be proud! 


Doesn't get any better 

Product: Alessi Holsters Belt Slide Holster for Smith & Wesson Guns 
Posted By: Robert D

I recently purchased a S&W PC 629 2-5/8" Bbl. 

Alessi, due to past experiences, was contacted to fabricate my holster. I phoned-in and spoke with Tom. I discussed what I was looking for and he directed me away from my first desires and explained why, and confirmed my second: a belt slide version. 
I talked with Tom & opted to have him add snaps to the Belt Slide holster. I informed Tom about the non fluted cylinder that this piece possessed. 

I just received the holster, and it's perfect! 
A little "plastic bagging" while wearing, and the draw is perfect. 

Thank you Tom, and the whole Alessi family, you continue to produce custom holsters that JUST PLAIN WORK! 

I am an Alessi fan for life! 
Keep up the great work! 

March 2016

I bought this holster based on a recommendation from a friend. I couldn't be more pleased with this holster. It fits my Glock 43 nice and snug. The leather and stitching is unparalleled. I'm certain this holster will last forever. I ran into a logistical issue, since being active military, while the holster was being made. I gave them a call and they were able to remedy my situation on their end. I will order more holsters from them as my collection grows. 




The belt is one of the strongest and finest quality belts I have ever had (the other is the Alessi belt I bought 2 years ago) and the finish is beautiful. Worth every penny. 

Russ 2/2016 

I have had off the shelf holsters from all the major manufacturers, Galco, DeSantis, Safariland, Bianchi, Blackhawk, etc. - never did want to pop the big bucks for a custom, but I decided to try Alessi based on all the great things I have heard about them. GLAD I DID!! This holster is outstanding in fit and finish and the mahogany color is beautiful. As with all holsters, the fit is tight for a few days, but it is breaking in easily. Alessi will be my holster of choice from now on. Spend the money, you won't regret it! 
John S 
My first Alessi Holster. Extremely happy with this product.
Brad B.
Jan - 2016

I love the Alessi Talon Plus holster I ordered recently. Very comfortable sitting or standing and the cant makes it very easy to draw and reholster. Quality product that will last a lifetime. This is like my fifth Alessi holster purchase and not my last. The old adage "you get what you pay for" tells it all. Superb craftsmanship in all their products. 

Jim L.

Dec - 2015


Alessi CQC
This is a great hostler! Excellent pistol fit and excellent fit on the belt. Holds close to the body for great concealment. Also has just enough forward cant for the draw to be efficient and effective at this ride height. Like I said. ( MY SECOND HOlSTER! ) 
Dec - 2015
PCH Holster for Detonics
wanted a high quality holster for my detonics pistol. doing research about holsters allessi's name came up time and time again with detonics. it was a no brainer to ordering chose the pch holster. received the holster quicker than expected and it is gorgeous. the pistol fit right in-not too tight to need to use the bag trick nor too loose where the pistol could fall out. I'm extremely happy with this holster 
Dec - 2015
Talon Plus for Glock Guns

You pay for quality and that's exactly what you get with Alessi. The craftsmanship is top notch and customer service is second to none. Tom and his shop do great work and take care of their customers. This holster is comfortable and at the same time securely holds the weapon. I'm a repeat customer who will be back! 

Dec 2015


When only the best will do 
The best, most comfortable concealed carry holster I've come across so far. This new one makes the 7th Talon I own. I highly recommend it for comfort and conceal ability. My order was completed much faster than I remember in the past. 
Thank you gentlemen for your dedication and professionalism. 

Best regards jess 
Got my order yesterday and want to say the holsters are beautiful.  Perfect fit and finish.  The m.o.b. holster is just as comfortable as the one I have for my 6906 even though the P226 is a bigger weapon.  Bit of a wait but worth it.  Thanks for a great product.

The XDS rig arrived today. [I've been] wearing it since then.  It is a perfect fit, a marvelous piece of craftsmanship, exceedingly comfortable. Nothing else I have tried comes close, a sound investment.

Thank you!

- Stephen

Received my Bodyguard holster yesterday and I wanted you to know how very, very pleased I am with it. It is perfect in every way, and my Dan Wesson fits it like a hand in a well made glove. Thank you for the skill and talent that it took to create it.

- John


Just wanted to let you know I received my new shoulder system today.  It's by far the most COMFORTABLE one I've ever owned out of the box.



I got my rig and the craftsmanship lives up to the advertisement that Alessi is the best of the best. I'm very pleased indeed having ordered my rig last April . . . Many thanks and it will be put to many years of hard use!

- Richard


I belong to a lot of gun forums and the Lou Alessi brand always receives rave reviews. The quality of your products and the great customer service is always mentioned and I couldn't agree more. Please add me to your list of highly satisfied and loyal customers.

- Al


Holster arrived for the CZ 75.  Works great and the tradition carries onward.  I have been using this same model holster for a 1911 and Beretta 92 for over a decade.  This is one of the most accessible and comfortable holsters I have used in twenty-five years.

- Kevin


The holster is gorgeous.  It is so comfortable.  While waiting for my Alessi holster, I tried quite a few brands.  This is, by far, the most comfortable and elegant holster in my club!  Send me more of the cards you included in the shipment with my talon plus.  I have not seen an Alessi holster in my circle of friends.  I will refer them to you . . . Thank you for such a beautiful product.  I am 100% satisfied with the product and the honest feedback and advice.  We need more companies like this in our country.

- Jorge


Received the holsters.  These are excellent quality and well worth the wait.  Thank you.

- Brian


Thank you so much for the [attention] on my order.  I received my “baby” and mag holder yesterday.  Your work and material are absolutely beautiful.  Perfect fit!  I will be sure to tell everyone where I purchased and claim bragging rights!  Thank you so much for the personal and professional service!

- David


I have a total of three Alessi holsters and they are all superb.  In addition, I want to thank you for your superb customer service when I requested an additional fastener for the gun belt.  The quality of all your products and your customer service are unmatched.

- Dud


I received my holster yesterday.  I am very pleased with the worksmanship and quality.  I plan on ordering another holster in the future.  Thank you very much.

- Johnny


I just received two holsters you made for me: one for the P7M8 and a DOJ for the 1911. I also have two other holsters for the 1911 that you made.  I have a whole box of holsters for all kinds of guns and I think I'll just throw them all away. Nothing is as comfortable or holds the gun in the proper position as well as your holsters.  Hopefully, you can make holsters for some of my favorite guns that I don't have holsters for.  Great job, thanks.

- James


CQC/S An amazing holster sir. I have holsters from Eric Larson, Brigade, Bulman, etc. The Alessi shines above all. Keep up the great work. Gary


Ankle Holster for my Ruger LCP-CT Tom & Staff, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I received my ankle holster last Saturday. I am lucky that I can wear shorts in the summer for work since it is a family real estate company that I own with my brother. A couple of days after I got the holster a cold front came through and I was able to wear jeans for the first time in months. I put the holster on and was surprised how it didn't show a bulge at my ankle. I forgot it was on and ended up wearing it all day with no discomfort. The next two days I took my motorcycle to work since one of our cars was in the shop. It was still well concealed and I never noticed it was on. It has already started holding its shape to my leg as it breaks in. I really have had my expectations exceeded! That doesn't happen much these days. Thanks again, Ronald


I received the holster today. It is truly awesome. The pistol fits perfectly. I will be ordering one for my Browning Hi Power soon. Thank you very much. Great product and great service. Gerry


Hello. I mailed my off duty /backup gun holster to your company for a repair on Monday. I was pleasantly surprised to find it in the mail already today. I am glad to have it back so quickly and I just wanted to say thanks for the quick turnaround. Definitely some of the best customer service I have seen lately. I will recommend your products to others.


I would like to tell you how much I appreciate the way you run your company and the service I have had, not withstanding the excellent products I have received from Alessi. To be able to talk to Tom and the others, to determine the type of holster a private citizen would best use for each of the firearms I have has been a blessing. Then when I did make a mistake and order a holster that I will not wear (because I fell in love with the CQC-s), you went out of your way to take it back. Well this was a special make for an older firearm and I was just blown over by the offer, so much that I ordered two more holsters. I have a local gun shop and range that I buy my guns from and they are alway recommending galco holsters. The are good but not anything on the order of your products. Would you mind sending me some marketing material that I can leave with them for their customers. They need to be able to show others about a superior product and a great company. Please send me a brochure and a stack of business cards to hand out. I will be a good sales rep for you. Thanks again. Mark.


Tom: Just got my CQC/S Mahogany Holster for my Kimber CDP 9MM. It was everything that one of your previous customers, Ferrill said about your product. After wearing it only two days I almost forget that I have it on. By far the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. The other holsters go in the drawer with the rest of them and ends my search for the perfect holster. Gwyn


Beautiful Holster! Hello, Didn't know who to contact to say thank you so much for awesome customer service and quality of my cqc-s for my Sig Ultra. Tom is to be commended on a fine job. The holster as you can see is a beautiful fit to my Sig. Again thank you and I will recommend your holsters to all my shooting friends. Thank you, James


Tom,Laura And Everyone At The Alessi Crew. Just wanted to take a moment to let you all know how pleased we are with our most recent Alessi Holsters. My Girlfriend and I each have DOJ Open Port Holsters for our 1911's as well as 2 Ankle Holsters and a Watch 6 that I have. I was a long time owner of holsters from another custom maker, but I'm an Alessi convert as you have him beat hands down. Thank You All. Be Safe Bob


Just received my holster for my Springfield XDs.I was the first to get one.It is truly a work of art.It the most comfortable holster I have ever worn.I love the quick on and off of the CQC/S. Best regards, Ferrell


Alessi Holster Team I received the holster I ordered for my Sig Saure SP2022 with the 1913 style picatinny rail.. I searched for months to find someone that had or could make a holster for my Pistol. At one time I thought of selling it because I failed to find a proper fitting holster for it.. I looked at your web site and thought,,, He we go again. Lets see what they can do.. I ordered a holster for you company.. It came within the time I was told it would and It WAS a Perfict fit.. I am very happy with your product and your personal I talked to on the phone and in email.. I would like to Thank You very much for a great holster.. Thanks Again Tim


Good Morning Tom, I received my holster on Saturday and another great holster. I have found the perfect holster for me regardless of which handgun I am carrying. I like a lot of other people have an assortment of holsters. Mine range from Fobus, Crossbreed, Galco, Baldetech and Ritchie and a few other in between. I have now put all of my extra holsters in a box for storage. I only wear Alessi holsters. I find the holsters to be the best fit, most comfortable, and I have never found a holster that holds the gun so tight to your side. With other holsters it seemed I was always checking the holster, maybe re-positioned the holster but with the Alessi I wear the holster all day and feels like it belongs on my side. I tell my people that it will take less time to do the job right than explain to me why you didn’t.I have had a good taste of my own medicine. Look at the time and money I could have saved by buying Alessi first and last. Tom it is always a pleasure to talk to you or a member of your staff and your courtesy doesn’t go un-noticed. I will always be an Alessi holster fan.I will be putting your card on our bulletin board at our range. We have 1439 members. I am involved in 4 classes per month and at least 20 or more attend each class.I’m sure my holsters will get some exposure. Thanks for the great service and superior quality product. Ron Charlotte, NC


Tom, Just a quick note to let you know I have received the holster you made for my S&W Ladysmith 357mag. I also want to take this opportunity to express my 100%+++ satisfaction with your craftsmanship and quality. This holster provides a very secure and "beautiful" place for my weapon. Thanks very, very much and the best to you and your team. You will hear from me again in the near future. I will also be proudly "showing off" your beautiful work. (photo enclosed) Regards Cliff


Tom: My Shield holsters arrived last night. I was stunned; first at the speed of delivery, then at the products inside. The "special" CQC/S was exactly that. I really liked the buffalo-head nickel snaps. I am looking forward to showing all of them off to my shooting group tomorrow. Thank you for the attention you paid to my order. Each holster is perfect for its intended purpose. I look forward to ordering more from you in the near future. I also enjoyed our chat about my memories of Lou. He was a special guy. Glad to see you folks are keeping up the legacy, and moving forward. Regards, Al


I am a vet and a private security contractor and have had many holsters and the two I recently got from you have to be the best I have ever had. Thank you they where well worth 10 weeks. Again thank you.. Ed


Hi, I just wanted you to know how happy I am with my new holster. I work evening shfit, so, when I got home last night at midnight, I found it waiting for me. This was my very first shoulder harness, so it took me a little while to figure it out. I spent the next several hours trying it on, making adjustments, practicing my draw, checking the fit in the mirror...didn't get to sleep til 3:30pm, but it was worth it! I cannot believe how comfortable the harness is, and how it doesn't need a belt to stay in place. I am looking forward to trying it out in public. And I really appreciate the quality of the leatherwork--beautiful! My husband returns from out of town today--he is going to be jealous. Of course, he may decide he needs an Alessi too... Again, thank you for doing such quality work. Sincerely Dianne


Got my holster yesterday and WOW! thank you for the great service! Jeff Council Bluffs, Ia.


3rd holster arrived I just wanted to let you know that my new Talon Plus just arrived and it is incredible. This is my 3rd Alessi ( Deep Cover, Hide Out and now Talon Plus ) and I couldn’t be happier. You guys make the best holsters for the money and better than most at twice the price. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next purchase to highlight my next gun. Thanks Steve Greensboro, NC


Just wanted to update you on my Cheetah left hand holster, and I love it! It holds well and is comfortable to wear. Thank you for a quality product. Sam


I received my holster on Friday and I want to thank you again for the all the time and effort you and your co-workers put forth in making such a well made holster. You make without a doubt the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. I wear in the heat and humidity on our Southwest borders and around the office here in Washington. Sometimes I have to put my hand on my weapon to make sure that I have it on. That’s how comfortable your holsters are and the construction is superb. As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Great doing business with you. J


I now have SEVEN Alessi holsters for my two Glocks and my 5 shot S&W including FOUR Alessi pants belts. They are without question the best gun accessories I've ever had. I will never use any other holster, And from the first one I purchased, I discarded any other holsters I had. I just want to say Thank You again, to the Entire Alessi Team for a product that shines above the rest. All companies should strive for the same dedication to quality and customer service. Ofc Steve, Schiller Park Police Dept.


Attn; Tom, Keith, Laura Received the holster this afternoon. Two words only needed to describe same....FIRST CLASS in fit and construction' Will be ordering again soon for other weapons . Best Wishes and again Thanks for great customer service and product! Claude


Dear Tom and staff, I received my holsters in the mail yesterday. After doing lengthy research on the right holster for me I decided on Alessi. The reviews were outstanding and when I looked at forums, your holsters came up more than any manufacturer. I could see by looking at photos of your holsters that they were made with the utmost quality. With that being said, when I opened up my holster for my Kahr CW9, it by far exceeded my expectations as far as quality and workmanship. The pistol fits perfectly! I also want to personally thank Tom for his help in deciding what would be the best holster for my use. There are many holster manufacturers out there selling their goods and trying to sell them cheaply. You get what you pay for. Your holsters may be higher in price than others, but along with that, your quality is much higher as well. I just thought you should know. It seems these days all people do is bitch about everything. Compliments are so few and far between these days, but you need to be complimented about your company and products. Thanks again. Joe


Hi, Tom. Holster received right on time. It's fantastic!!! Fit is great. Years ago I bought Alessi holster for snub nose S&W. Love that holster. This new holster seems to even exceed the previous holster. Well done! David


I am writing to compliment you on making outstanding holsters. I purchased a inside the waistband, and a pocket holster for a PPK. in 1991. I have used a combination of both these holsters on a daily basis, and they have performed flawlessly. The holsters are still nice and show no signs of wearing out. Philip


Hi Tom, I got home tonight to find the three holsters waiting for me at my door. I could hardly wait to get into the house and put down my brief case and open the box. They were even better that I could have imagined them to be and the quality and workmanship is beyond words. I could not wait to get downstairs and open the safe to try the Les Baer in them. Not only does it fit like a glove, but a holster to be proud to wear and show. As I had said before, this is my 4th Ankle Holster that I have ordered from you. I have sold at least 5 of them to our club members by showing them mine and how secure it fits the gun. Now that they have bought theirs, they too are sharing this information with other members. I am shooting an IDPA match this Wednesday evening and will be wearing my new Alessi holster for all to see. I will be leaving one of your catalogues at the several clubs that I shoot at. This Sunday is a SBR and Machine Gun shoot that I go to and I will be bringing down the holsters to show them. Thanks once again Tom and you and your company are the best… Richard W. Michalski Silver City Gun Club


I recently received my watch six holster from you. All I can say is thank you for a quality product in the promised time frame. I carry a Glock 32 for a plain clothes assignment. The weapon is well concealed and comfortable for all day (sometimes multiple day) carry. Even more impressive then the quality of the holster is the exceptional customer service I was given. In a day and age of automated responses, overseas quality, and terrible customer service, your company answered my questions and worked with me to figure out what kit I needed for my mission. A++ for Alessi. My new favorite. "Mike"


Hi Tom, I received my Talon Plus holster for my Taurus 617, and Man I was very very pleased with the work you guys done on this holster. First I want to thank you very much for giving me the time by talking to me and answering all my questions on the phone and emails, and I just want to say you guys are great and the holster that you mad for me is one of the best holsters that I ever seen, It fit the gun like a custom glove, just perfect,thank you again for the great job Tom. Respectfully Tony A


Hello Tom, I received my Alessi CQC-S this Friday night and was stunned by its craftsmanship and functionality. It really is a work of art made with American pride. I can only say that if God needed a holster it would be an Alessi. I showed the holster to my buddies at my gun club down her in Texas and they were simply blown away (sorry for the pun). None had heard of Alessi but they now all have your .com address. The only thing I feel with this holster is the weight of the gun. There is no intrusion of the holster onto my body and the draw is incredible with my trigger finger always going to the trigger instantly. Fabulous. Tell all the good people at Alessi "thank you" for a truly wonderful product. Regards, Lou


Good Morning Tom, Great speaking with you yesterday. This holster is unbelievable! It hits me as "Old School Cool". I love it! You folks do some fine work there to be very proud of. I noticed that the design makes for a very comfortable carry position for me . . . . and, as we all know, everyone is different. I'm thinking that the relation of the gun going across the beltline and the heavier portion of the firearm "hang down", makes for a carry that is great to use when sitting in the car or office and also easy to grab when needed. It also makes the firearm "seem lighter" than it actually is! It is so nice to be able to sit in the car without the handle of the gun grinding into my kidney area! What a relief not to have to deal with that any longer. Great job and thank you.
Eric C. Rohrbaugh


Hi Tom, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the excellent job you guys did with my dad's holster. I presented it to him on Saturday as an early birthday present and he absolutely loved it. We were both amazed by the craftsmanship and high quality leather, and he said it was very comfortable to wear. I don't think he's taken it off since! Thanks again for the great service, timely delivery, and beautiful work. Rob


Tom, Holster arrived today. Great piece of craftsmanship; I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you. Steve



I received two of your “shot Show” special holsters last week. I immediately saw the quality and care taken to build these holsters. I was carrying different branded holster for my Kimber until I opened your box. Your holsters are night and day a better product.

I went to a local gun show over this past weekend and your holsters were the hit of the show! I had vendors asking me what kind of holster I was wearing and where they could get them. It went so far as the vendors sitting behind me were trying to take my holster every time I walked by, just playfully of course. I can not tell you how many total strangers, vendors and customers, walked up to me asking if I was the one with “THE” holster!

I own a small gun shop and I can not tell you how important it is to me that when I call I talk to the owner and to the people that actually build the holsters. I commend you and your team for a job well done and for your professionalism. I look forward to a long relationship with you and your team. Your holsters will be the only holsters available in my shop as the customers that I do business demand the kind of quality and workmanship that you and your team provide.

Thank you again,
Chris Compton
Comptons Customs


Tom, My holster was on the porch when I got home tonight. I wish there was a way to leave a review on your web site. Anyway, GREAT JOB!! The holster is fantastic. The Kel-tec PF-9 fits perfect and draws soooooo smooth!! This is my second holster from Alessi and I couldn't be happier. I threw on my favorite jeans and dropped in PF-9. All I can say is nice! I have 2 shirts that are no tuck shirts from Eotech and there was no way anyone could ever tell I'm carrying. I guess I will end up ordering the Deep Cover for my S&w 442 Airweight real soon. In this day and age of buying online without seeing the product first hand all I can tell my friends is that if they order thru Alessi, they will be thrilled to death when they get their holster. Last, thanks for your great customer service! Everytime (2 times) I called either to place an order or check on my order, someone actually answered the phone. I didn't have to press #1 for this and #3 for that, someone answered the phone!!! WOW!! Thanks Tom, Great job!!


Got the holster on Friday. Love it, love it , love it! You guys are the best, thank you for your support of Law Enforcement and all you do to keep us safe. You are the MAN. Law Enforcement Investigations Standards & Compliance Division State of Oklahoma Council of Law Enforcement Education & Training


Tom, I've purchased 6 holsters from you now. (2) CQC/S (2) ankle and (2) Talons. I've now ordered (2) pocket holsters. They are the BEST holsters I've ever had and are ALL I will use now. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for a great product and one that I will get many years of use and pleasure from.


The MOB Talon is the best design I have ever tried for a full-size weapon on a small framed person. The gun just disappears, and is still easily accessible.


I'm blown away with the care and craftsmanship in the holsters. I will show and tell everyone about you company.. I see a-lot of holsters but, yours are the best! I showed my coworkers the 229 holster and they wanted to know how they can buy some.


Afternoon Tom, I received my holster last week, AWESOME, fits my pistol perfectly, great fit on my belt, and last but not least, looks great too ! I thank you again for holding off and sending back the hides that did not fill your high standards, and when it was ready, sending it out promptly. Thanks Again Mark


I have received my holster and I like it a lot! This holster is the best IWB that I have found. The holsters that I had used IWB before yours were not close to being comfortable. The holster that you have made for my Taurus PT92 is awesome. Thanks, Eric